William Hall lives in San Francisco California.   He graduated from Boston University with a BFA in Acting. [Trivia:  Geena Davis was in his class and Jason Alexander was in the class behind his].  In college William hated improv.

"Why were they forcing us to make up a scene BEFORE the one in the play?  I can't write like Ibsen, Wilde or O'Neil!"

William moved to San Francisco and joined the Commedia troup i Fratelli Bologna.  William's friend Rebecca Stockley introduced  him to the joys of collaborative storytelling.

"For the first time in my life it was clear that stories could be created without effort.  Amazing!"

The Commedia troup began doing the exercises and games in Impro by Keith Johnstone in rehearsals for thier original comedies.

William and the group were largly responsible for the first workshop that brought Rebecca Stockey from Seattle (where she performed and taught at Unexpected Productions) to San Francisco for a Theatresports(tm) workshop.  That workshop ended with a sold out performance.

"Here we were struggling for weeks of rehearsals to create a play that would make the audience laugh...and now it all seemed pointless.  The audience laughed their heads off and there was no rehearsal and no script!"

From this first workshop BATS Improv was born.

William is happy to be working with Rich on this collaborative effort to reflect on improv performances and classes.

Oh...William also is the author and publisher of The Playbook:  Improv Games for Performers.  You should check it out.  The book is only 12 dollars and is a great resource for performers and teachers.  [And come on, you spend more than 12 bucks on a T-shirt from Old Navy!]  The site features:

  • Tips for Teachers
  • Tips for Performers
  • A New [to us] Game every Monday
  • Videos and more