The Lifegame* August 14th at BATS Improv


The Lifegame will be presented at BATS Improv August 14th as part of the annual summer improv intensive.

Life Game is exciting theatre inspired by live audience interviews.  A volunteer audience member is asked simple questions about their life and then the actors spontaneously create scenes or songs based on the answers.  It's sometimes probing, funny, sweet but always respectful and unpredictable...just like life.

*The format was created by Keith Johnstone and is rarely performed.


I loved discovering that perfectly ordinary looking people turn out to have almost unbelievable life stories.  Or at least completely alien ones. ~Kelly Caspari

Where most improv formats are inherently comic, the Lifegame moves from comedy to something much richer and deeper.

We ask guests questions like:  What was your neighborhood like growing up?


Most improv is very amusing, but I don't really remember it after I leave.  The Life Game really stayed with me. ~Andrea Herz

Another question we might ask a guest:  What did God look like when you were young?

The questions we ask the guest are not meant to expose...they're meant to remind and share.  How many people have you told about your best friend in elementary school?  Your first crush?


Seeing the spontaneous creativity and hilarity pulled out of heart warming and endearing everyday life was so much fun. Come see this show and you'll be back... ~Mike Belcher

Make plans now.  Get your tickets at BATS Improv:

The performance will be directed by William Hall (me).

The Interviewer:  Rebecca Stockley

Cast: Corey Rosen, Zoe Galvez, Paul Killam, Lisa Rowland

Fulfilling the dual roles of cast members and snoggers• Jenny Rosen and Rich Cox.

*Snogger:  a person who improvises the props, costumes and furniture for a scene from a few boxes back stage.

Notes from the performance:

The house was full (not quite sold out ...but full)...and we invited Patty Martin to the stage.  She is 2nd grade school teacher from from gig Harbor.  She was wonderful.

She told us stories about having jelly-fish fights with here sister on the beach when they were growing up.  She told us about her first (embarrassing) date with a boy...and how she met her husband Dan.  And how she can't imagine retiring....

I've thought about retiring...and as a teacher I have the summer off.  But every August my mother would take me to Nordstrom to buy a new pair of shoes....she's long gone now, but I still go every year....and can I not go to school and teach those to to be good to each can I not.

It seemed like the whole audience stayed after the show and talked.  Patty, our guest, was surrounded by people after the show.  My spouse and I stayed up late talking about the show and the stories we heard.  The day after the show another friend and I talked about the show.

Some theater experiences stay with you and others seems like bad TV shows....they seem like they're worth the time- but the content is a bit light (non-caloric).

Tell me.  Have you ever seen The Lifegame?  What was your experience?

And what types of Improvisational theater have you seen that have stayed with you for years?