What do you do: Improv or Improvisation?


Which do you do:

  • Improv
  • Improvisation
  • Impro [in certain parts of the world]

A Google search suggests that Improv is a theatrical term and Improvisation  is a musical term.

In talking with companies in the US and abroad this is what I've found.

If you use the word IMPROV in the title of your show the audience will expect 'comedy'.

Christian Utzman (The Un-Scripted Theater Company in San Francisco) discovered this on his own.   Christian always takes his marketing material into the center of San Francisco's shopping district, Union Square and asks tourists what kind of show they expect based on the flier he shows them.  If their answer is different from the show they're planning, they redesign the flier.  Christian says, " sometimes we  have to shoot a different photo".

One thing he's learned is that if the show is not a comedy show, they don't use  the word 'improv'.   When they promote their Shakespeare style show (Shakespeare Un-Scripted) they will us will use either improvisation or improvised (as in 'A full length improvised Shakespeare play.').

Which do you prefer?  And why?  Thanks in response for your comment.