Quick Choice in the Thiagi GameLetter


Every once in a while you come across a person - teacher, mentor, though leader - that allows for a big shift in how you approach the things you do.  Sivasailam (Thiagi) Thiagarajan is one such person for me. Thiagi is the founder of The Thiagi Group and a leader in desigining training faster, cheaper, and better with an irreverent process that eliminates unnecessary steps that don't add value. Each month he produces a GameLetter that is "SERIOUSLY FUN ACTIVITIES FOR TRAINERS, FACILITATORS, PERFORMANCE CONSULTANTS, AND MANAGERS".

A few months ago I wrote up a post on a training activity named [intlink id="363" type="post"]Quick Choice[/intlink] that I generated with a group of collaborators and we sent it off to Thiagi. As you can see - we made the newsletter.

If you have not read any of Thiagi's work or been to one of his workshops I can't recommend it enough.