WHAT first, then HOW

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I ran across a question on the BizMore website

How do you reach consensus quickly on a group decision?

The key concept that was missing in that title was that it was a critical strategic decision. I think that changes the game on how you approach different kinds of decisions.  Here is an excerpt of my response.

I am curious about a "critical strategic decision" and moving quickly.  If you are using an agility model, like the Agile software movement, then a fast decision that can be amended over time using a rapid do, evaluate, change cycle.

With more traditional environments, look to the company mission and values, or the departmental mandate and goals as your preset and agreed on criteria.

And one final thing is to identify if you have an WHAT question or a HOW question.

  • Are you deciding WHAT you are trying to do - an objective and a clearly stated, measurable goal?
  • Are you deciding HOW to get to that goal?

WHAT first, then HOW.

What do you think - Can critical decisions be made quickly?

Leave a comment and let us know.