AIN09 - 1 Welcome to Portland


The Applied Improv Network conference is like no other conference I have been to. The energy is as warm an inviting as visiting Mom for the holidays. My conference started on the airplane in Portland. I hadn't noticed it, but behind me and across the aisle was my friend Lou, who had just flow in from Japan. Once we made the connection, we chatted away and caught up thought he airport, into a cab, and right into the Hotel to check in.

The next 20 minutes was a cascade of greetings, turning around and seeing another smiling face and getting a welcome hug. This is my second conference and it's almost like a reunion for me already. Some veterans have been coming together for years now.

The warm welcome doesn't stop. It's enough to make introverts feel welcome and included. It's really like no other conference. That theme carried through the whole opening reception and by the end I had met two dozen people for the first time, and re-connected with at least as many colleague/friends.

I'm so glad to be back!