Cultivating Creativity - part 1


Be creative NOW Go! Ok, maybe there is a better way.

I was participating in a discussion on the Applied Improv Network recently about the 10 ways to trigger creativity in the workplace.

There were several nice lists of things to foster a creative environment in the workplace.  The whole discussion is available for anyone to read but here are some highlights...

Excerpts of 10 ways to trigger creativity in the workplace on the Applied Improv Network discussion forums.

From Pubudu Sachithanandan:

  • Encourage people to change where they sit for a day.
  • Have a meeting outdoors.
  • Hire a comedian to make everyone laugh during their lunch break.
  • Bring in a masseuse to give ten-minute shoulder rubs to everybody
  • workday costume parties
  • Creat a workplace that is informal, almost home-like, make it fun, out of the ordinary, e:g: a roof top terrace that is perhaps in level with a high tree etc
  • Let people bring in their dogs.

From Kat Koppett:

  • Feed inspiration (by going for walks, reading, chatting, playing with things)
  • Think like someone else (what would _____ do?)
  • Come up with bad ideas intentionally
  • Set clear objectives and boundaries (sometimes we forget that necessity has oft been the mother of invention, and that we become MORE creative if there are limitations to bounce off of. )
  • Be clear When and Where you really want people to be creative, so they are not getting mixed messages.
  • In those instances, reward the process not the results.

And my own:

  • Develop collaboration
  • Reward risk-taking
  • Celebrate failure
  • Encourage saying "yes, and" and not "yes, but" or "no"
  • Separate brainstorming (idea expansion) and qualification (idea evaluation)
  • Change environments and break patterns
  • Play games unrelated to the work
  • Ask kids for their solutions