Cheating for success with space object work


The lights are going down, your mind filled with "hits" from the suggestion, you have a few seconds until "lights up" and you have to start this scene. A few minutes later the lights come down, the audience is applauding and you and the other players are basking in the glow of another fun and playful scene. What happened in between?

Sometimes a scene of 1-2 seconds is perfect to change things up. There are the 7-8 minute epics that just find life and flow with ease. And, somewhere in between, there is the "average" 3-5 minute scene.

Once you get the suggestion you head out confidently and start seeing the world this scene is in. Slowly interacting with the space object world. We are now 25% done with our average 3 minute scene! There was no effort at all.

What has happened so far?

  • slow space object work that is engaging and fun to watch (entertainment)
  • you have clearly defined the place for your partners - what a gift
  • you gave yourself and your partners 30 seconds of time to think
  • perhaps no talking yet if we are really lucky and the players trust each other

AND, if you are calm and slow magic has happened!

The magic comes from creating something from nothing in a way that the audience sees every detail. It's the moment of recognition that another player comes and joins that world when nothing has been said.

One of my students recently admitted to me after a scene that they had cheated! It was a great scene, so I asked what cheating meant. They replied that they didn't know where the scene was going when they started just kept doing the space object stuff until something happened.

I told them if they can learn to make it a habit of cheating like that, they would be a great improviser.

What do you think?

How long can you do simple space object work before it's too much?