Hosting a work party - improv style part 2

In Hosting a work party - improv style part 1, I talked about emceeing a work party on your own. Here are some games that can adapt well to a work environment. Of course, you can always contact William or Rich and get some help or have us help you with hosting, improvising, teaching some improv, or just helping choose and adapt games for your audience.

Here are some games to try:


Have everyone stand up and then ask a question that has many levels and have people sit when their answer matches the ones you have prepared.An example:

When did you last eat sushi? Sit down if you answer is: (allow 5 seconds for each stage for people to sit and observe)

  1. Never
  2. Once
  3. Within the last year
  4. Within the last month
  5. Within the last week
  6. Within two days

If you ever...

Guests take turns saying something that is true about themselves. The crowd stands up with them if it’s also true saying “me too” or sits if it is not true of themselves.  Every person in the audience decides for themselves to  stand or sit on each truth revealed depending on if it is also true for them.

String of pearls

  1. Have 7-9 people come up and stand at the back of the stage.
  2. Have the audience tell the beginning line of a made up story and the ending line of a totally different story.
  3. Have two players stand at opposite ends of the front of the stage and say the two lines form the audience as if it was one story.
  4. Have a thrid person move between the first two on the front of the stage and add a line in the middle of the story. Repeat all the lines in this, now, 3 line story.
  5. Add another person with their own line and repeat again.
  6. In the last round, will have all players at the front of the stage, in order, with one line each.
  7. Together they will have created a complete story and can recite the lines in order to tell it.  Tell them to “sell it” and really pump up the drama in their own line.

Secret Handshake

  1. Everyone stands up and finds a partner. They have 1 minute to create a brand new secret handshake between them, and practice it so they remember.
  2. Have everyone find a new partner and share their favorite childhood book.
  3. Continue finding new partners and sharing information on topics (there is a list below)
  4. Then call out a topic names (secret handshake partner, childhood book partner) and they have to find that partner in the room and and share the info again quickly (do the hand shake, say the name of the book).
  5. Continue calling out topics until you feel the game is over.
  • Secret handshake
  • favorite childhood book
  • embarrassing story (title the other persons and share that title)
  • noise from childhood (person, game, environment - make the noise)
  • nicknames
  • secret dance
  • life dream
  • favorite vacation spot

Try to keep it as simple as possible and focus on fun!