Play an Improv Game for the Holidays


Many of you will be joining family members and friends for a holiday meal in the next couple of weeks.  Here are two ways to play an improv game with them. 1.  Tell them you have a fun improv game to play.  And suggest that everyone can play.  Tell them that it's called Alphabet and that when you say 'Go" everyone around the table continues to talk about the meal or the holiday or anything at all but that the first letter of the first word in their sentence must be the next letter of the alphabet.

For Example:

You say, "Go".  Then add, "Appreciating family is one of my favorite parts of the holiday."

Then you look expectantly at someone else and whisper "B".

They'll get it...they're smart.  Keep it going until you reach "Z" and then everyone celebrates by clapping and laughing.

2.  Play a secret improv game.  For this I suggest an improv game called "Last Letter - First Letter"  Whenever you speak the first letter of the first word you say must be the last letter of the last word just spoken.

For example:

Aunt Sally says:  "When are you going to get married?"

You say: "Don't know."  [Or "Do not press your cultural values on me!" or "Donna and I have decided to get married on New Years Day."]

The enjoyment of this game does NOT depend on them knowing that you're playing.

For more games visit: or your own imagination....both sources are good.