Performance Anxiety


Opening night. New format. Brand new cast only together for one week with one rehearsal. If this was anything but an improv show we might be considered crazy for trying it. But this was an improv show, so there was just a normal amount of nerves that give me a pre-show burst. However tonight was different for two reasons. First, we decided to do a Film Noir Jazz Opera with no spoken dialogue. I was really excited to do it and it was a big risk having all of those elements. So, I was a little more nervous than normal.

The second reason is that I grabbed the wrong pants. The wrong pants, because  they were too small and when I put them on I started worrying that I would pop the button on them. So that was on my mind right up until we went on. That amount of extra distraction was enough to make my volume low for the first few scenes.

It all turned out well in the end, and we had a great performance and a lot of fun. But, it was the most nervous I had been in a long time. The next week, I had the right pants and things were back to a nice normal amount of nervous.

Your thoughts?

This experience got me wondering - what makes you nervous before shows? Do you get nervous? Write your story in the comments below.