What would you ask a stranger? On Stage?


Would you answer these questions on stage?  In front of an audience of strangers?

  • Have you ever cheated on a test?
  • Ever been so drunk you can't remember what happened?
  • Why didn't you marry that  great guy/gal you went out with for so long?
  • When were the best years of your life?
  • What recurring dreams do you  have?

Oh, I forgot to mention, you don't know what questions are coming?  No preparation.

The Life Game is an improv show where talented actors playfully explore an audience members experiences.  It's Reality Improv.

Here is a short video promoting it:


The Life Game is performed occasionally at BATS Improv, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA http://www.improv.org

The Life Game was created by Keith Johnstone For more information visit his site.