Impressive Improvisers

Last week I had the honor of performing and teaching improv to a fantastic group of high school students  and I was very impressed. First, they were so well behaved as an audience. They came into the theater quietly and sat in the front ready to see the show. All of the students were attentive and enthusiastic each time they were asked for suggestions or to come up on stage and join the performers. Occasionally we have people in our audiences act out or heckle, but not this audience - they were awesome! I was already impressed with them but then, after the show, we asked them all to participate in learning improv and playing some of our games. Asking people to take a risk of learning, trying and then performing in front of their peers can be scary. You would never know it from seeing these kids. We taught them the warmup game "Pass the Clap", storytelling with "Word-at-a-Time-Stories", and even the performance game "String of Pearls". They even got up with their group and performed their string of pearls stories on our stage in front of the rest of the students in the audience!

Everyone participated. Nobody showboated. They just jumped in, learned, and discovered that they are all improvisers and I, for one, am impressed.