What's your IMPROV New Year's Resolution?

Happy New Year 2011

A New Year resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a personal goal, project, or the reforming of a habit.  This lifestyle is generally interpreted as advantageous. (Wikipedia)

So...what's your IMPROV New Year's resolution?  Improvisers are always exploring, growing and working....right?  A personal goal or perhaps reforming a habit?  We invite you to take a moment and declare here in this blog what you're committing to working on for the new year.  Later in the year...we'll check back with you about how it's going...and what you've learned.

We'll start by telling you what we're working on.

William:  Non-comedy improv acting.  Oh...don't get me wrong...I love making 'the funny' with other actors and an audience...but I was an actor long before I was an improviser and love the power of theater to touch an audience.  I'll be working on this during the year in workouts and performances.  And not just 'longform' ....I'll be looking for opportunities to explore non-comedy acting in my favorite format, Theatersports™.

Rich: My improv goal for 2011 is to create more opportunities to perform specifically long-form improv. Building on the success of the sold out debut of Over The Moon and Under The Bed, improvised fairy tales for grown-ups I'm looking forward to more medium length narrated stories. And, the new year kicks off the beginning of my improv troupe - Fully Improvised. We are going to go deep into single genres and perform 1-2 hour single story arcs.

Now, tell us your improv goals for 2011!