21st Century Business Skills


I'm sitting the of office of Troje, in Amsterdam, where I just had lunch with Henk, Alieke, and Liselotte - all "van Troje".  All of us have used improv with organizations for years in several ways - from Role-play to corporate performance to workshops on change, communication, collaboration, innovation and everything in between. Improv is a growing buzzword in the business lexicon these days and is being adopted around the world, although Europe has a few years head start on the US right now in our experience. But more articles are showing up in business press including the recent article on CNN.

In education 21st Century Skills are teaching children four primary areas - Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication, and Collaboration.

These 21st Century principles, mindset, and skills are required for improv and are useful in many places and are the key to the business world as we move into the 21st century. These 21st Century Business Skills have been "discovered" by software developers in the Agile and SCRUM movements, by designers in Design Thinking being used by the Stanford d.school and IDEO to name just a few.

Applied Improv is a rich toolkit for teaching the principles and mindset and give the opportunity to practice the lessons and skills.