National Theatersportweekend - improv in the Netherlands


National Dutch Theatersports Weekend Well, I'm almost recovered from my first National Theatersportweekend in the Holland. For years improv groups from all across the Netherlands have been coming together at the Stayokay in the town of Elst for a weekend of workshops, improv demos, performances, playing games, eating, dancing, almost anything you can think of except... sleeping. There was an amazing amount of energy from 200 improvisers set free for a weekend of fun and play. Spontaneous chanting, drumming, and several rounds of "the wave" rippled through the dining room at dinner. There was a costume parade for this years theme of "supermarket" that had groups of scanners chasing bar code groups around and bag ladies in plastic bag skirts defended by a super-man character with a cape that I didn't quite understand - not to mention most of it was in Dutch.

I was an honorary guest of several friends who were improvisers, I just happened to be in Amsterdam that week for work. I'm not exactly sure how I got there, but it was many conversations and slow yes-anding that did it in the end. It started with a short visit after a train trip and ended up being the beginning of a 48 hour adventure that took me to the weekend, staying overnight, a mad early morning trip to the airport and flight home to San Francisco.

And, oh so worth it. So to my Dutch friends -

Dank je Wel. Tot Ziens!  And, of course - whatever happens at theatersportweekend, stays at theatersportweekend.