Improv Accents in another language

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How many accents can you speak? In how many languages? I was recently talking with a friend who is a Dutch improviser. Well, actually I talked to almost 200 of them, but this one in particular was in Amsterdam. Being from Holland Dutch is her first language and English falls into the category of not-first language along with a few others. Ahhh Europe, where people speak several languages. Americans are so lucky English is as common as it is, without that we would be stuck.

We started talking about accents in improv and she can do many accents in Dutch, but in English none. It's an extra level of difficulty to use an accent from one country in a language that is not your first.

Since I am in Spain for a week, with a tiny Spanish vocabulary, I thought I would try to habla Espanol un poco con accent (see how bad my Spanish is?)  With lots of thought and practice I could do a few simple phrases with different accents - how good these are, I have no idea.

So dust off your high school language books, use google translate or try in a secondary language you know and do accents from around the world in that other language.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak English."

"Where is the bathroom?"

"I would like another beer please"

"I have a pencil. A yellow pencil"

I'm dying to know what people think - so try it and leave a comment about your experience below!