AIN - Research and Business Case


AIN 2011 is the year that many colleagues collectively said Enough!

The History. For many years improv has had a bad name in business. It has been a hard sell, has been limited or diminished to "soft skills", was limited to 'just for fun' teambuilding, and has not accepted by the business world in general. Nevermind the fact that, for years, it has been a key tools that can transform business and organizations to propel them forward to being more innovative, productive, happier, and successful.

Well enough is enough.

The Changing of the Tide. At the AIN 2011 conference several different initiatives were all focused on one thing - making a solid business case with the research and data behind it. Finally we can stop making the case individually with each new client - and address it in the bigger picture as an industry.

What will it look like? It will take many forms from websites, research projects, peer-reviewed journals, academic papers, conference presentations, white papers, and many other ideas. The current holding place of all of the information are a few discussion groups on the AIN website - but this will surely evolve and mature.

Fortunately the tide is already starting to shift and I am seeing improv show up in business media more all the time. That's just one more case that people are waking up to the benefits that improv brings to organizations.

Do you have research, articles, news, or book references that support the benefits of improv in business?

Let me know in comments below.