What will you get out of studying Johstone style Improv? [or What's in it for me?]

Keith Johnstone

What will you get out of studying Johnstone Style Improv?

A great improv teacher has the ability to allow students to make deep changes.  There have been a few teachers who have had a lasting affect on the world of improvisation. Viola Spolin, Del Close and Keith Johnstone are the top three for me.  You're lucky if you've had a teacher who knew how to inspire and empower in a way where you thought that they were uncovering something that was there all along.

I asked the FaceBook community to share what they had learned from studying with Keith Johnstone.  The answers below are a good sampling.

To get a better idea the value of Keith Johnstone’s approach to improv ...read one his two books, take a workshop with him or take a workshop with people who have studied with him for years. [hint]

What have you learned about acting from the work of Keith Johnstone?

  • Let the audience paint the emotions onto you rather than trying to show them emotion.  ~Richard Ross
  • That in developing ideas for a show or a character, you don't have to hold onto what you think is a good idea. There are a million (or so) other ideas . . . the chances of some of them being better are pretty darn good. ~Drew Letchworth
  • Say yes...trust your first idea...don't hold out for a 'good' idea, don't be clever.  ~Johnny Kearns
  • Work and play cooperatively with others and ideas will come in more abundance!  ~Beth Palmer Hart
  • All will be well if your scene partner is a penguin.  ~Toby Hussein Butterfield
  • Apart from everything? It's all about fear.   ~Paul Killam
  • Dare to be boring.   ~Brenny Rabine
  • Connect with your partner(s) kinesthetically and emotionally.   ~Patricia Colley
  • Delight your partner.   ~Brett Bavar
  • Do not do your best, be average.   ~Roberto Alicino
  • Slow down. use less effort.   ~Rebecca Stockley
  • Let your actions serve the story.   ~Martin Ganapoler
  • The statuses must change during the scene. If you know your status, you know what to do.   ~Ann Feehan
  • Trying to please my partners. I forget it most of the time, but the percentage is a little better than it was.   ~Janie Summers
  • The audience should want to take you home with them.   ~Charles Souby

I want to thank the FB imrpov community for sharing what they've learned.  What are you interested in learning?