3 sections to ImprovNotebook: Improv at work, Improv on stage and Improv in Life

As we started getting more posts, we noticed the conversations focusing in these three areas.

Improv at Work:  Rich and I lead quite a few workshops for those who want to use improv for a business outcome.  Schools and businesses are talking more frequently about Improvisation as a business tool.  This article [link], written by a professor at MIT, identifies 5 ways that improv skills aid business success.  And the Applied Improv Network is growing daily.  They will host a conference in September in San Francisco sharing ideas and ways that Improvisation applies to areas other than the stage.

Improv on Stage:  Rich and I continue to perform, teach and direct  improv for the stage.  This is where improv theory hit's the road...it's where we see and explore improv in action.  It's one thing to understand how to 'yes and' your partner but getting up and doing it while in front of an audience can open the door to a whole new level of self-learning.  Performing Improv is also thrilling.  This conversation about exercises to start an improv classes inspired lots of participation. [link]

Improv in Life:  Improv changes lives.  It empowers and liberates.  It is a path to play.  Can you take an improv workshop without it affecting your life on a day-t0-day basis?  This article written by Stanford student Jamie Soloman captures the cross over beautifully.   And we continue to be inspired by our friend Patricia Ryan Madson -  Improv Wisdom

That's why we've given this site three big heading:  Improv at work , on stage and in life.  Take a look around...add your perspective, insights and questions about Improv.