Take a class with Viola Spolin with this video

You may have never had the chance to take a class with Viola Spolin but now you can ...do the next best thing. Watch this short video from Joel Veenstra and Marc Warzecha and get a glimpse of the creation of theater games and their impact.

Learn about the Follow the Follower concept.

Valerie Harper describes why Viola came up with Touch Talk, the game where actors must be in physical contact with each other in order to speak.

Take look at the Space Walk activity.

Hear how Side Coaching came into the work and how it's used to help teach the improvisers how to succeed.

And the paradox?  She changed so many lives in a deeply personal way yet didn't want to be seen as a guru.

"Don't thank me. Don't thank me, it's not me, it's the work. It's the work.  Don't make me your guru.  Get out."  ~Viola Spolin via Gary Schwartz




"Creativity is not the clever rearranging of the known. "  ~Viola Spolin via Gary Schwartz

"Keep Going"  ~Viola Spolin



If you want more (yes..and...) order a DVD of Viola teaching a class in 1987 and a recording of The Space Walk HERE.

The site is run by Gary Schwartz.  Thanks Gary.

I ordered them both as soon as I knew they existed.