Get bigger audiences and more enrollment for your Improv Classes


Are you in an improv group?  Do you want to create more customers?  Customer loyalty?  And sell more improv classes?

Building audience loyalty is vital to your group.

Try this:

During your performances, why not do a demonstration of improv techniques?  Your audiences will learn more about improv and they will enjoy the show more.  Additionally as they learn more about the skills that improvisers use to create stories together spontaneously they will be more likely to take a class.

The Segment could be a 2 to 3 minute segment at the beginning of your show to help warm up the audience and get the players on stage in a fun (as well as low-stress) way.

Possible Segments:

  • Saying Yes (as well as Yes and) helps the players create in the moment.  Demo saying no.  Then demo saying yes.
  • Establishing the "where" or environment.  Two people start a scene and do not "name where they are" and then have the same scene with naming.   "Mary, thank you for meeting me in the park, it's such a lovely day..."
  • Endowment (or "assumptions").  Demonstrate two people meeting where they do not identify each other, and then repeat it with them naming each other.  "Officer Sullivan, good morning."

Have you done this before?  What worked for you?

Please add your thoughts about possible segments below and we'll grow this list so that it can be more useful to other groups.