Sh*t Improv Trainers Say...


Sh*t that Impro Trainers say!

  • “Everybody up and in a circle please”
  • “What do you think the value of that activity is?”
  • “I’m going to invite you to step outside of your comfort zone.”
  • “Before we start...”
  • “I’d like to surface something I heard earlier...”
  • “Hmmm...yes...and how do you recognize this in your work?”
  • “Let’s notice how...”
  • “Allow yourself to be surprised...”
  • “Research suggests (is telling us...)”
  • “Ah, I’m sorry, I did not explain that very well...”
  • “What I want you to do is..”
  • “Let’s be playful together!?

This list was started by a group of Applied Improvisation Network members after the 2012 conference.  [Paul Z Jackson, Rich Cox, Simo Routarinne, Janine Waldman, Liane Fredericks, Lief Hansen, Raymond van Driel and William Hall]

Please add your "Sh*t Improv Trainers Say" below.  Thanks.