Improv lessons from Charlie the Unicorn

If you have not seen Charlie the Unicorn, get ready for a treat. If you have seen it, did you see all of the improv lessons in there! I love this video, but it took a few times (I'll admit to watching it a bunch of times) to see good scene examples. Don't believe me? Watch it again, and I'll talk about what I saw below.

Improv Fundamentals in Charlie

1. The power of being positive

It's really entertaining to watch incredibly happy people stay happy, especially when they are in a scene with someone who is being neutral or negative. It's an antidote for negative!

2. Strong Objective

The positive unicorns have a clear objective for the whole scene and try a variety to tactics to get Charlie in the cave at candy mountain. Charlie is reluctant, but that never keeps him from actually moving forward.

3. Stating the obvious

Just stating what is happening, that is a liopleurodon that tells us the way to go, is enough for it to become the reality of that world. And "were standing on a bridge" simple, obvious, but nice to see. This is all especially nice when working with space objects in improv.

4. Delay the trouble or no new trouble

Charlie is a grumpy character, but he is like that every day - so when he is reluctant to go with the other two, that's not anything new. The key is that he does go with the others and the story moves forward despite his protestations.

5. Go into the cave

Sometimes a cave is just a cave. But in this case, that's the cave in Candy Mountina is the offer we have been building on the whole scene - so we certainly want to go in there. Even if that is death - what comes after that? So interesting to find out.

6. Sometimes a well placed gag is the perfect ending

The ending is short and sweet. We have the final button that sums everything up and fills in all the gaps on what the real objective was for the pink and blue unicorns. And Charlie is changed, in this case to pain for being duped.

What did you see? (please comment below)

Those are a few of the things that I saw, what did you notice?